Our Solutions

Record delivers bespoke currency and asset management solutions for our institutional clients around the world.

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Currency Management

We have nearly four decades of experience in passive and active currency hedging, and return- seeking strategies. We can simplify currency for you and provide cost-effective solutions to almost all currency-related challenges. Our clients are asset managers, pension funds, foundations, and other institutional investors.

Asset Management

Our asset management team offers best in class, yield-seeking strategies across various private market asset classes including EM Debt, Digital Lending, Private Credit and Infrastructure strategies. Delivery infrastructure includes funds, notes and SMA’s.

Other Services

We trade a wide range of instruments for our clients;
including derivatives (such as options, futures, cross-
currency and total-return swaps) and fixed income
instruments (such as bonds and loans). We offer
cost-efficient execution as well as for-return and
arbitrage strategies.